Pet Travel Scheme


To travel between the UK and another EU country, an animal must, in this order, be microchipped, vaccinated against rabies and issued with an EU pet passport.
To enter or re-enter the UK, dogs must be treated against tapeworms. The treatment must be carried out not less than one day and not more than five days before the dog is checked-in with the approved transport company to travel on the return journey to the UK. The treatment must be given every time a dog enters the UK.

There are no treatments any more for cats.

For short stays abroad, the dog can be treated against tapeworms in the UK as long as it is between one or five days prior he re-enters.
An animal may not travel under PETS until 3 weeks have passed from the date the first rabies injection was given.

More details could be found on the guide « Taking your pet abroad » on the government website.

The size of a microchip is about 1 by 4 mm. It is read by a microchip scanner. Its contains a unique number which is linked to the animal. This number is associated with your information details and stored in a central database.

There is no magnet or electric device which can hurt the pet. Only the scanner can read the microchip and its code.