Home Visits at no extra charge

Dr. Philippe BENOITON’s veterinary practice, ‘THE FRENCH VET ’, is the first and only veterinary practice held by a French Veterinary surgeon in London.

Since graduating 25 years ago from the Nantes National Veterinary School Philippe has gained broad experience in UK and France. Since founding The Pine clinic in 1993, Philippe has define his way of being a vet threw an holistic vue on your domestic animal.

As well as keeping up to date with the latest techniques for care of domestic animals Philippe has extended his qualification in holistic areas of pet health including behavior, physiotherapy, herbal medicine and nutrition. His latest training is in the specialist medicine and surgery of exotic pets.

Why choose ‘THE FRENCH VET’ ?

  • Home Visits at no extra charge Why risk the parking ticket!
    You can choose whether to see Dr Benoiton at the Kensington Veterinary Care Clinic, London, W8 or, if it is more convenient for you, at your home. Home visits within the Kensington and Chelsea and Hammersmith and Fulham boroughs are at no extra charge to the standard consultation fee.
  • Access to state of the art facilities at the Kensington Veterinary Care Clinic:
    Should your pet need more further treatment beyond a consultation, Dr Benoiton has full access to the superb facilities of the Clinic, which include examination rooms, surgery theatre, its own laboratory, X-ray and hospitalisation rooms. In case of emergency or overnight hospitalisation, the animals are monitored by the Night Vet, who reports all activity to Dr. Benoiton.
  • ‘Pet Travel Scheme’ a speciality:
    Dr Benoiton has extensive experience of the Pet Travel Scheme, with knowledge of both the UK and French authorities, and many other countries. He can guide you and your pet through this procedure of vaccinations, blood tests and passports, which can initially seem complex. If you are making a journey to France, he can also advise and provide addresses of local vets and organise the required consultation for your return to the UK.
  • Highly experienced in complex surgery:
    Dr. Benoiton’s extensive experience in advanced medicine and complex surgery for small animals. When practising in France, other vets often referred their more difficult case to Dr. Benoiton for surgery.
  • Continuous, personalised service:
    Once your pet becomes a client, Dr. Benoiton will provide continuous care, unlike some veterinary practices where the pets are seen by a number of different vets. Dr. Benoiton can then build a good understanding of your pet over the years.
  • Competitive Rates:
    The French Vet’s fees are similar to other vets fees in London.